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Membership Benefits

  • Certificate of Membership which can be put up at the entrance of the wellness business to show professional alliance with AWAS.
  • To Take all steps which may be necessary to promote the development of wellness industry in trade and skills development in India.
  • To advise and make representations to local, State or Central authorities on matters connected with Wellness industry represented by the Members of the Association.
  • To take steps which may be necessary for promoting / supporting legislative and other measures affecting or likely to affect directly or indirectly the interests of the wellness industry or any particular sector within the industry.
  • To collect feedback and proposals on the organised / structured growth of the of the Wellness industry and forward the representations to the Government of India.
  • To nominate delegates, advisors, etc. To represent the employers of India at the national fora or conferences and International Conferences, International Chamber of Commerce, Federations or Associations and Committees affecting the interest of the Wellness industry whether as employers or employees.
  • To consider, formulate and implement the views on the subjects coming up before Conferences and Committees referred to above.
  • To collect and circulate statistical data & other information relating to the Wellness Industry in India and other countries.
  • To publish books and brochures on subjects of topical interests and proceedings of seminars and conferences organised by the Association for the information and guidance of the members.
  • To take all possible steps to strengthen the activities within the Wellness Industry in the country, organise conferences, workshops, dialogues with the industry players and dialogues with trade unions and the government.
  • To encourage the formation of Wellness circles/chapters in all regional states in India.
  • To promote and project the interests of employers and employees engaged in the Wellness industry through staff training and development in the areas of IR, HR, health, safety, social welfare etc.
  • To advise employers on labour matters, to assist them in the settlement of labour disputes and to represent and arrange for the representation of employers.

We invite you to become a part of India’s fastest growing Association for the Spa and Wellness Industry and have access to a wealth of knowledge and opportunity.