As India’s spa and wellness industry is rapidly growing, the need for an association that reaches out to all the sectors of the market resulted in the formation of AWAS.

The association actively promotes the integration between the spa/beauty industry and the wellness market. It brings together everybody who have a keen interest in this market and thus represents the total health and wellbeing industry.

AWAS firmly believes that well-trained therapists are the backbone of the industry and that customer satisfaction means repeat business. Like no other association, AWAS embraces the grassroots and creates opportunities for its members. Its key focuses stand on four pillars of success:

  • Raising standards to nurture stronger businesses and better client service.
  • Education of its members to fill a void and offer career or business opportunities.
  • Create a platform for industry players to share their knowledge and grow business.
  • Be an access point to industry/market research and gateway into government bodies and other associations.

We invite you to become a part of India’s fastest growing Association for the Spa and Wellness Industry and have access to a wealth of knowledge and opportunity.